Best of 2013

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Hello and Happy New Year all! Time to continue the time-honored tradition of Best Music compilations. The music I heard in 2013 wasn’t as varied and fresh-sounding as 2012, but there were still plenty of fantastic tracks to obsess over. … Continue reading

The Peacock

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A difficult animal to draw, but the challenge was fun. It was inspired by my trip to Kuala Lumpur’s bird park.

Sir Octo

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Sir Octo: the classiest of the classy octopuses. The color was partially inspired by Sachin Teng’s magnificent illustration “Another Ten Minutes Mom“.

Cat vs Yarn

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A cat enjoys a ball of yarn, as they sometimes do. The design was partially inspired by the art on some Hanafuda card sets.

New Years Card

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It’s a tradition to send out special cards for the new year in Japan. The cards are called “nengajo”, and the designs always center around the Chinese zodiac animal for the coming year. Last winter, I decided to make one … Continue reading


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The idea I had when I was drawing this was that it was a canary morphing into a tiger (or vice versa) and the stripes were wrapping around the body (or coming off) one by one. The result is that … Continue reading

Fire Wolf

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This one was fun to draw and color. I kind of went crazy with the brushes for the fire effect and it just worked out.


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Just some ladybugs relaxing on a lazy afternoon. のんびりしている天道虫だ。